What people say

“Jo uses her considerable experience at top management level to suggest suitable strategies for working at Board level. She encourages those she coaches to apply her techniques to produce their own problem solutions and to manage their personal development, allowing them to own the answers, rather than applying textbook solutions. This approach is very effective and appropriate at a senior management level”
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Publisher

“My firm has recently gone through some upheaval, and I feel much better able to deal with the situation following Jo’s coaching. I am much more aware of the dynamics operating in my firm, and how I can perform at my best within those dynamics. I apply her coaching at work quite consciously, and in my personal life unconsciously! I am also able to help colleagues, by applying what I have learned through this coaching. Her key strengths are her warmth, her belief that we are all capable of being more than we think, her support, her intelligence, her lightness of touch, combined with a deep understanding of how we generally (mis)function!”
Sales & Marketing Director, Independent Publisher

“Jo’s key strengths are: She is a very good listener, who is able to draw out key points and themes from a client’s own words. In so doing she is able to help the client to simplify his thinking; to focus on the most important aspects of concern. She is always aware of how to move the client’s agenda forward, providing the discipline to set practical goals as a result of each session to move the process forward. One of her key abilities is through her sensitive listening she is able to help the client to recognise their true feelings about various subjects or courses of action, so that the personal and the logical can be reconciled. She has the commercial experience and intellectual knowledge and skills to apply to help individuals analyse their own situations. She is widely read, well trained and articulate. She is a warm and positive person who is always able to leave the client feeling more optimistic and positive about their future and the next steps. For all of the above reasons Jo is a very effective coach. I believe that she is particularly well-qualified to deal with senior people, as she herself has senior commercial experience, and she has worked with many senior people in my own industry. She also possesses the requisite poise, confidence and professionalism to work with senior people.”
Managing Director, Specialist Retailer